Our Visionary Managing Director

Mr. Vinod Singhal

Mr. Vinod Singhal, a successful entrepreneur, masterminded the transformation of our family-owned FMCG business into a thriving construction enterprise. His dynamic leadership has propelled SLSS to remarkable success. With an unwavering commitment to both success and learning from failures, Mr. Vinod infuses his practical wisdom into every aspect of his work. This philosophy resonates with all stakeholders, inspiring and motivating them.
Beyond his business expertise, Mr. Vinod radiates compassion and vitality in all his pursuits. His optimism ignites a collective journey towards a brighter future. His illustrious career has earned him prestigious awards and recognition, celebrating his outstanding business achievements and philanthropic contributions. As our guiding force, Mr. Vinod Singhal steers SLSS with a blend of experience, empathy, and boundless enthusiasm.
Our Visionary CEO

Mr. Anuj Singhal

Mr. Anuj Singhal, a certified CPA and a graduate of the esteemed University of Notre Dame, boasts a distinguished career, including his tenure as an associate at a globally renowned forensic practices firm. His expertise lies in business opportunity analysis, team development, and training, which he has skillfully employed to expand SLSS's presence.
As a second-generation member of the Singhal family, Mr. Anuj has propelled the company to remarkable heights. Under his astute leadership, SLSS has evolved into a substantial group enterprise, with an expanded branch network across South India. His strategic vision has charted a transformative path, redefining the landscape of Durastrong building products.
Mr. Anuj Singhal epitomizes innovation and growth, embodying SLSS's unwavering commitment to progress.
Our Accomplished COO

Mr. Ankur Singhal

Mr. Ankur Singhal, a proud graduate of Bangalore University, holds a pivotal role in streamlining and executing various operational facets at SLSS. His profound understanding of organizational processes distinguishes him, encapsulating both operational proficiency and business facilitation.
With finesse and expertise, Mr. Ankur deftly oversees the core operations of our organization, ensuring a seamless flow. His influence extends to critical functions, including the management of our key Manufacturing Units.
Mr. Ankur Singhal epitomizes operational excellence, skillfully weaving together efficiency and strategic direction within SLSS.