Welcome to Shri Lakshmi Steel Suppliers, the proud manufacturer of the Durastrong Range of Products. With a commitment to excellence and quality, we offer a diverse range of construction and industrial materials to meet your needs. Our journey began with a small unit in Attibele, and today, we have expanded our manufacturing operations to multiple locations, ensuring a widespread reach and superior production capacity.
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Construction and Structural Materials:

  • TMT REBARS : Essential for reinforcing concrete structures in construction projects, providing strength and stability to buildings and infrastructure.
  • TRUE COLOUR ROOFING SHEETS : Ideal for roofing applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, offering both protection and aesthetics.
  • GC SHEETS : Used for roofing and cladding, GC Sheets provide weather resistance and insulation for buildings.
  • MS & GI WELDED WIRE MESH : Used in construction for concrete reinforcement, fencing, and other structural applications.
  • WELDING ELECTRODES : Essential for welding in construction, manufacturing, and repair work, ensuring strong and precise joins.

Fencing and Security Products:

  • GI CHAIN LINK : Trusted for fencing and security purposes, especially in residential and commercial properties.
  • GI WIRE : Commonly used in fencing, construction, and other applications due to its corrosion-resistant properties.
  • BARBED FENCING WIRE : Primarily used for creating secure and effective perimeter fencing in residential and industrial areas.

Binding and Support Materials:

  • MS BINDING WIRE : Used for binding and securing construction materials, such as TMT Rebars, in concrete structures.